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I first met Colum McNally of STL when I moved into a studio in the local area. Since then Colum has been my rock in terms of having a printer that you can call on for almost anything. He is always on hand, offering advice and support, and no matter what my dilemma is, Colum always sees to it that the job gets printed and delivered on time. Even when Colum isn’t there when I get an urgent job in, he always answers my emails and will see to it that I am taken care of by Mark Finney, or someone else in STL. The highest recommendation in my opinion is that STL have NEVER let me down. They are amazing, and the work is fantastic quality at decent prices. They are also incredibly reliable, open, honest, and always there to offer advice on the best ways to print a job. The fact that they work 24 hour shifts is a huge bonus to me as a designer.

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