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Our other option is our standard sample pack which includes samples of the high quality work we can produce. Get an insight into why more than 3000 brands trust us to produce their branded merchandise and other printed products. Our Sample packs include prints from our Xerox Iridesse production press with Colour FLX Technology layers CMYK with up to two speciality dry inks including gold,silver, white or clear in a single pass.

Our Printed Sample Pack Showcases Samples of Images Printed With:

Silver 100% underlay CMYK and Clear overprinting.

2 image layers: overprint on background, no overprint on foreground.

2 Passes 100% Silver.

White Toner on Black Card. 

Six colour one pass Silver 100% underlay CMYK & Gold 100% overprint.

Speciality Colour under image, Silver 100% underlay.

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