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New Digital Printing Equipment Benefits Customers

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Digital printing dublin

Digital Printing Dublin

Digital Printing Dublin saw a major increase in Sooner Than Later’s business in 2019. In response to this we installed a second state-of-the-art Xerox iGen press to cope with the greater demand from our client base. This has massively expanded our capacity for digital print. The press is particularly adept at reproducing landscape brochures, which is ideal for property brochures and catalogues. If you’re in the market for a digital printing service, why not get in touch with our experts to find out more? 

In this article we cover just some of Sooner Than Later’s expanded capabilities owing to this new addition to our production facilities. 

Xerox iGen Press

  • 110 Pages per minute
  • Booklet Making, Case Bound, Flats, Lay Flats, Perfect Bound, Stitched Sets, Tape Bound
  • Vibrant image quality that rivals offset. With advanced colour management tools that ensure consistent, high definition colour images.
  • Short-run, on demand printing of books, high-end collateral, photo specialty products, brochures, flyers, postcards, newsletters, catalogues, manuals, point of purchase materials, and sell sheets
  • Packaging printers
  • Variable data pieces

(Sheet) Size Matters

The iGen allows us to produce printing sheets of up to 360mm x 660mm, as opposed to the more standard format of 320 mm x 450 mm (SRA3). This increased sheet size opens up an array of possibilities previously unavailable, such as: 

  • 6pp A4 leaflets,
  • Landscape A4 brochures.
  • Large posters
  • Short runs of A4 brochures.
  • Programmes & Booklets
  • School yearbooks

What’s more, Sooner Than Later can offer numerous binding options, including:  Case Bound, Perfect Bound, Stitched Sets, Tape Bound. Find out more about the different formats and binding options here.

Hot Off The Press

One of the most significant impacts the iGen has had on our business is to effectively double our digital printing production capacity. The press can turn out an enormous 110 pages per minute, meaning if you need a short run of prints on short notice we can cater to that. What’s more, as compared to traditional litho printing there’s no need to wait for the inks to dry, meaning as soon as they’re off the press they’re ready to be shipped out!

Haste Needn’t Make Waste

As an environmentally conscious enterprise, we were intent on finding a digital printing press that would contribute to our sustainability targets. The Xerox iGen has a sterling reputation in this regard, and owing to the consistency of its output there is little to no “spare” material in any given print run.

Colour and Vision

The sophisticated colour management tools of the iGen allow for minute control of the press’s output, allowing for results that rival traditional offset printing in both vibrancy and accuracy. The iGen’s dry matte ink formulation ensures an even application to the sheet, maintaining a uniform coverage of shadows, midtones and highlights. This is particularly critical for text and images within brochures, and product catalogues. Find out more about our Specialised Finishing Options.

Need a Digital Printing Quote?

One of the main benefits of digital printing is its flexibility and the iGen is on the cutting edge of this rapidly developing technology. Whether the digital print run is long or short, colour or grayscale, we can offer a competitive quote and deliver excellent results compared to our competitors. Get in touch to speak to one of our digital printing experts today.

Originally published April 19, 2021
 8:06 AM
, Updated August 24, 2022


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