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  • High quality, Custom Flag Printing.
  • Choose from Feather Flags, Teardrop Flags, Pole Banner Flags or Custom Flag options. 
  • Wide range of Flag base options available to suit different terrains. 
  • Professional Design Service available. 
  • Option of installation service.


These are some of our most popular products and services. If you’re looking for a different stock or a higher quantity, please request a quote.

Display Flags

Display Flags are printed and supplied with a telescopic pole and a stand to suit your requirements. We have four sizes available from a downloadable template. Options on bases include a ground spike for a garden or field. A heavy metal base is suitable for a courtyard.


Feather Flags 

Sooner Than Later’s Fetaher flags create simple but stunning indoor or outdoor products. The feather frame is a 25mm aluminum tube connected to another. For fast assembly the fabric flag is threaded directly onto the pole and secured with a tension toggle. 

The flag hardware can hold two different flag graphic shapes, feather and teardrop. Feather flags are narrow and rectangular and typically vary in length with a fixed width. Teardrop flags are shaped roughly like large drops of water.  Having these two options allows you to change the flag graphic at some point in the future. 

These flags are ideal for event signage and can be mounted on different terrains with one of our many flag base options, such as a ground spike or a weighted base.  

Flags are perfect for event signage and will make your brand really stand out. If you are looking for design inspiration, we recommend using Canva, they offer a great design service. If you require large amounts of these signs, get a quote today!

Our Feather Flag Size options are:

  • Small – 2.3m 
  • Medium – 2.8m
  • Large – 3.7m
  • Extra Large – 4.5m


Pole Banner Flags

We provide custom Pole Banner printing. Pole Banner Flags that stand out wherever they are displayed. We provide installation for an additional charge. 

  • Size 600x1700mm
  • Double-sided banner prints.
  • Professional Design Service option
  • Installation cost on request

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