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Customised Display Boards


These are some of our most popular products and services. If you’re looking for a different stock or a higher quantity, please request a quote.

Display Boards

Customise, high quality display stands with Sooner Than Later. With a broad range of Display Board options, find the one that is right for you! Display boards can be customised, Contact Us today for a quotation. 


PVC Banners

PVC banner display units are the perfect outdoor signage solution for Irish weather. These are waterproof and come eye-letted so that they can be easily attached using cable grips. These PVC Banners are often used for directional signage, promoting an advertisement or for an event.  You can also easily hang these banners on railings, fences or even your entrance gate. 

Our banners can be customised to include your logo or display any information or images you need, available in a variety of different shapes and sizes. We offer nationwide delivery on all of our products. 


Pull Up Display Banner

Pull Up Banners, or Roll Up Banners are the fast, effective and easy way to advertise your business, or let a crowd know what you are promoting. Whether in-store or at an event, they are a really effective way of getting your message across with maximum effect and minimum spend. With prices starting at just €80, they’re a great value product that’s guaranteed to turn heads without breaking budgets!


Pop Up Display Units 

Our Pop Up Display Units attract attention and add impact for your brand. They are perfect for events, trade shows, exhibitions, in-store promotions, marketing and sales events. We offer both Large – 4×3 metres, and Standard – 3×3 metre display units. We digitally print the PVC Panels that are incorporated into this clever apparatus that can be set up and disassembled in minutes. All of our Pop Up Display Units are supplied in a hard case and come with lights as standard. Learn More. 


Totem Display Signage

Easy to assemble, these Totem Displays can be quickly installed for way-finding or informational purposes. These units are lightweight and easily transportable. If you are looking to display new products and promotions, these signs are ideal. We also do custom printing for these signs. These signs are made from a cardboard base and support and are suitable for indoor use only. Add your shop’s logo for no additional cost. 


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