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We worked with accenture to create a stunning corporate gift box. The concept for this box was ‘Summer Reset’, so we focused on selecting items that were going to be used to relax in the summer, a beach ball, water bottle and even a sunflower plant. 


To come up with this box, we had regular meetings with Accenture, we conducted presentations, supplied samples and worked with their team until they were happy with the box. The goal was to create a gift that would be appreciated by employees but that also conveyed Accenture’s branding. We customised the items in the box to include Accenture’s purple logo. We included the hashtag, #AccentureSummerReset, so that when people received their boxes they would post about it and include the hashtag. 


If you would like to create a corporate gift similar to the one we created for Accenture, contact us today and get started! Our goal is to make you happy and work with you to create the perfect product that encapsulates your brand and message. If you have any questions, Contact Us.


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